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BrandFinance® Banking 500 2010


BRANDFINANCE® Banking 500 shows: HSBC World's leading bank brand for 3rd year in a row Santander is world's fastest growing retail bank brand Decline in US dominance of world banking industry Rise in banking brands from Middle East First… read more

Chinese brands poised to crack Western global dominance


Hong Kong, 19th August 2010 - - Chinese brands are poised to crack the global dominance of their Western counterparts, the results of a detailed new brand value study show. Brands such as China Mobile, ICBC and Midea now have almost as much… read more

The BrandFinance® Forum 2010


Every CEO, CFO, CMO, Brand Manager and Agency professional wants to know what consumers really think about their communications. For many years the big questions have kept coming back… • What is best practice in brand… read more

BrandFinance® Global 500 2010


Retail giant Walmart retains top spot and Google climbs to second place as the world's top 500 brands are announced The Top 500 most valuable brands in the world have grown in value by 26% to US$2,873 billion. The Enterprise Value of the top… read more

Impact of Recent Controversies on IPL Brand Valuation


“Commercial sustainability of IPL will largely depend on the development of brand value governance principles and policies and aligning all the stakeholders towards long term value rather than narrow, short term gains. If these… read more

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