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Brand Finance Institute launches the ‘Campaign for Independent Brand Valuation’


More than a year after the International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) launched the ISO 10668 standard on monetary brand valuation , serious concerns remain that brand valuations continue to lack transparency, consistency and… read more

Brand Finance USA appoints Elise Neils as Managing Director


Independent brand valuation company Brand Finance USA is pleased to announce the appointment of Elise Neils as one of the Managing Directors of our US offices where she will be working alongside William E. Barker . Elise specialises in the… read more

‘Brand USA’ value plummets by $1.2 trillion since April 2011 according to Brand Finance plc.


• Brand Finance plc. today releases figures showing the dramatic impact of the economic situation on the value of ‘ Brand USA ’. • ‘Brand USA’ is downgraded to AA-, as its brand strength falls to a 10 year… read more

BrandFinance® Global 100 Brands 2011 - September Update


For the Most Valuable Global Brands September update click here   Economic crisis causes $6.3 trillion of intangible assets value to be lost since January 2011, according to Brand Finance plc.   The Brand Finance plc. Global… read more

Singaporean brands shrug off the recession with strong brand growth


The top 10 Singapore brands continue to dominate Brand Finance Plc today releases the fifth annual “Top 100 Singapore Brands” league table showing strong growth from the country’s top brands. The Top 10 Singapore Brands… read more

Top 10 Malaysian brands record huge growth with combined value of US$17.51


With the release of the '2011 Top 50 Malaysian Brands' league table showing huge growth for the country's top brands, Brand Finance discusses the winners, the losers and what this means for Malaysian brands . read more

BrandFinance releases the Top 50 Dutch Brand for 2011


Shell has topped the first annual report on the most valuable Dutch brands by Brand Finance, the world’s leading brand valuation consultancy . With a brand value of US$18.6 billion, an impressive AAA- brand rating and a rank of 30 th… read more

BrandFinance® Telecom 2011


Vodafone, AT&T and Verizon continue to dominate the BrandFinance® Telecom 2011 , the study of the world's most valuable telecom brands . Vodafone again tops the list, while AT&T and Verizon have retained their positions in… read more

The BrandFinance® Global Banking 500 2011


BrandFinance® Banking 500 2011 A sleeping giant awakes; America’s banks dominate the 2011 BrandFinance® Banking 500 as financial institutions begin rebuilding damaged reputations Bank of America ($30.6bn) and Wells Fargo… read more

A review of Oprah's incredible value to the Australian economy and brand


Brand Finance has calculated the impact of Oprah's visit to Australia and ponders how this will impact the value of the Australian brand . The concept of a nation brand can also be expanded to a region brand , or even a city brand –… read more

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