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· 皇马超越巴萨成为最强大的足球俱乐部品牌 · 曼联是最有价值的足球俱乐部品牌,其品牌价值达17.33亿美元 · 皇马是在中国第三大受欢迎的外国足球俱乐部,仅次于曼联和拜仁 · 英超俱乐部品牌在排行榜中占主导地位,占比所有足球俱乐部品牌价值的46% 全球领先的品牌估值和战略咨询公司Brand Finance对世界领先的足球俱乐部品牌进行品牌实力和价值的评测。“Brand Finance足球俱乐部品牌50强”是率先将2016/17赛季成绩融入到品牌评测报告。 … read more
Real Madrid Becomes Football’s Most Powerful Brand
Real overtakes Barça as the most powerful club brand. However, a superior commercial strategy makes Man United the most valuable brand at US$1.733 billion. Premier League clubs account for 46% of total football brand value, more than double other leagues. … read more
El Real Madrid se convierte en la marca más poderosa de fútbol
· Real supera al Barça como la marca más poderosa de clubes de fútbol. · Manchester United es la marca más valiosa de fútbol, valorado el club en $1.7 mil millones. · Los clubes de la Premier League dominan, representando … read more
Le Real Madrid devient la marque de football la plus puissante
· Le Real dépasse le Barça comme marque de football la plus puissante · Manchester United est la marque de football la plus valorisée, à 1'733 milliards de dollars · Les clubs de la Premier League dominent le classement, représentant … read more
Real Madrid wird stärkste Fußball-Marke der Welt
· Real überholt Barça als stärkste Fußballclub-Marke · Manchester United ist die wertvollste Fußball-Marke mit US$1,733 Milliarden · Premier League Clubs machen 46% der gesamten Fußballmarkenwerts aus, doppelt so viel wie andere … read more
Japan’s Most Valuable Brands Revealed
· Toyota remains Japan’s most valuable brand, rising 7% to a brand value of US$46.3 billion · Subaru is Japan’s fastest-growing brand, doubling its value in a year · SoftBank’s ambitious expansion sees its brand value surge 26% to US$20.6 … read more
KKR is the IPL’s Most Valuable Brand, Despite Missing Out on Title
· Kolkata Knight Riders is the IPL’s most valuable brand, worth US$58.6 million · Mumbai Indians has the most powerful brand · Royal Challengers Bangalore’s is the only brand to fall in rank · The business value of the IPL … read more
Telkom Indonesia is Nation’s Most Valuable Brand
Total value of Top 100 Indonesian brands in 2017 has increased to US$32.4 billion, up 44% from US$22.6 billion in 2016. Telkom Indonesia retains the #1 Most Valuable Indonesia Brand for 2017 however it’s brand strength remains stagnant. Bank BRI … read more

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