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Brand Finance is the world’s leading independent brand valuation consultancy and the only agency exclusively focussed on using research and brand valuation to help make strategic decisions and solve technical issues.

Headquartered in London, Brand Finance has offices in over 20 countries. Brand Finance bridges the gap between marketing and finance by quantifying the financial value of brands.

We have advised clients in thousands of assignments in all sectors, from luxury cars to industrial chemicals, and our approaches have been tried and tested at all levels. In board-level KPIs, C-suite remuneration targets, M&A implementations, corporate budget setting, licensing negotiations, tax courts, and by day-to-day use by hundreds of clients in their tracking process, our analysis has been constantly audited and strengthened through more than 25 years of experience.

We have the world’s largest and highest quality database of brand valuations (6,000+ brands per year), supported by perceptual research on thousands of brands in around 40 countries in both B2B and B2C categories.

Brand Finance is a regulated accountancy firm. We helped craft and are compliant with all international brand valuation and evaluation standards (ISO 10668 and ISO 20671) and received the official approval of the Marketing Accountability Standards Board (MASB) in the United States.

As a result of all these strengths, Brand Finance’s brand value database is used at the highest level to create one of the UN’s Global Innovation Index (GII) indicators, capturing the contribution of brands to innovation in an economy. It is also used as an input in multiple actively marketed investment products as an alternative indicator of value growth.


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